In 1991, the boards of directors and supervisors of the Lin Clan Fellowship of Taipei reached a resolution that all committees should go through legal procedures to be registered by the Bureau of Society of Taipei City Government as independent Lin Clan Fellowships in order to enlarge the scale of the organization and to reinforce friendly relationship. With the hard efforts made by the former president, Hui_huo Lin, many fellowships were established one after another. He also urged Chin_huang Lin, a capable director of general affairs, to organize a series of activities and meetings to support the establishment of the Lin Clan Fellowship of Ta An District, Taipei (hereinafter the Fellowship). The organizing committee sent letters to Lin Clan fellows of the local and other districts to invite them to join the association. Fortunately, more than eighty fellows agreed to become members, among whom, many were customers and friends of Chin_huang Lin, who had good social and commercial relationship with the local people.
   As a matter of fact, the organization of the Fellowship was there before it was officially registered. The first general assembly was held on August 15, 1994 at a restaurant located at No. 167, Ho_ping East Road, Sec. 1, Taipei. Hui_chuan Lin was the founding president and Chin_huang Lin was the director of the general affairs. In the very beginning, everything was difficult. However, with careful management by Chin_huang Lin, good results were generated. In addition, vice presidents Chin_lung Lin, Chi_hsiung Lin, Ri_tien Lin, Kuang_chin Lin, Yung_sheng Lin as well as many executive directors and members also contributed a lot to the Fellowship. In terms of the financial condition, the receipts and expenditures were balanced under prudent calculation. The list of members was modified several times and those who were dead, moved away, resigned membership or failed to pay the annual fee for consecutive three years were excluded. Currently, there are 145  

active members. The purpose of the Fellowship is to revere the ancestors, cultivate friendly relationship, promote harmony of society, improve brotherly love among members, select eminent members to glorify the Lin Clan Family, provide cordial service to members and unite the Lin Clan families to love the country.  
   Till now, the Lin Clan Fellowship of Ta An District, Taipei has been established for ten years. With the kind support from the former president, Hui_chuan Lin, vice presidents and middle_rank staff, the general assemblies and other related activities are carried out satisfactorily. In 2001, the Fellowship was registered by the Taipei City Government, and the first organizing meeting, which was officiated by the former president, Hui_chuan Lin and co_executed by the director of the general affairs, Chin_huang Lin, was held in March of the same year. The reports of the three meetings were presented to the Bureau of Society, Taipei City Government for approval. The first meeting of the general assembly for the first term took place at the restaurant of the Taipei City Hall on Sep. 20, 2001. The president, directors and supervisors of the Fellowship were elected. The reverend chief founder of Haitzetao Religion, Chi_hsiung Lin was elected president of the Fellowship. The institution of the Fellowship was approved on Dec. 13, 2001, and the certificates of the organization and of the president were issued by the City Government. The Fellowship not only sponsors activities hosted by the Lin Clan Fellowship of Taipei, but also has frequent association with Fellowships of other districts. In this way, friendly relationship among Lin Clan Fellowships is upheld, and the good virtue of brotherly love is also manifested. In the future, members of the Fellowship are expected to contribute time and money generously to support the operation of the Fellowship; thus the whole Lin Clan families may enjoy bountiful benefits.